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07 escalade batt. dead - Custom Audio issue?


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Nov 16, 2006
central nj
after installing a huge audio system in a 07 escalade  the battery keeps going dead over night.before you respond please read on how it was installed first please.
first i checked all the easy normal things installers look for in this situation. now the tech end of it. everything that needs memory in the truck goes directly to the battery and everything that needed switched 12v comes from the 1 pink wire in the ignition  the gives 12v ign out. the pink12v wire does not go to anything in the truck directly without going to relays first.
this is how it happens. i installed everything once and overnight the battery goes dead.then i cant find the problem and remove it all.now the battery is fine and the truck hasnt moved in a week and starts right up.so i reinstall everything again and the same issue happens again. so i pull the main fuses and my ign wire[pink] to sever any connections and it still goes dead. ??? so whats left is just a 4ch line converter hooked up in the console off the stock amp,but it doesnt have any power hook ups it just speaker wires.and no,i didnt use the white turn on wire for my amps.so i di a draw test.my finding were the 2 front door modules and factory amp and radio fuse pull1.28amps at rest.im told .50amps is the max it should have.any trouble shooting tips anyone please? :help:
I have had several batteries replaced by the dealer on warranty.
The dealer has told me that the battery GM puts in the Avalanche and probably the Escalade is not capable of supporting all of the automatic draws that the vehicle has when not running for a period of several days.

My dealer suggested that I keep a battery tender hooked up to the Avalanche when it will be setting. How about that for a $40,000 plus truck?

My battery is still the factory 6yr Delco, at least till my warranty runs out.
i upgrade the battery and i dint even drive it and it still died in just 6 hours.it takes a full charge no problem ??? :E:
What is amp draw with key out?

If you do not know ya need to test for it...something is draining battery and you seem to have narrowed it down to yoru aftermarket stereo stuff...

key out dorrs closed and locked meter reads draw of .52 amps. when i lock the dorrs the meter reads 4.00amps until the 2 front door modules click and turn off and im left with.52 amps draw. the .52 amps draw isnt the aftermarket stuff. its the 2 fuses in the fron under hood fuse box labled amp,and radio. a 10 amp fuse and a 30 amp fuse.if i pull these 2 stock fuses itll drop down another .15 amps. and im left with like .36 amp draw. if i remove the fuses to my aftermaket stuff and turn off the breaker up front fro my amps the battery still goes dead somehow. maybe the i pod in the xm t harness[scoshe ipod interface] is keeping the lan2 powered up without me seeing it?
DId you remove stock HU and AMP?

Did you tie into the stock harness where HU & AMP were connected?

As they have power leads....  so if you draw on them it will go thru Amp & Radio fuse...
the only thing i tied into there is the 4ch line converter which just has a ground and the speaker leads. no remote turn i used ign. for that. and i have a ipod kit installed into the factory xm unit . i also pulled the radio and amp oem fuses under the hood and it still dies.
i know the k40 radar is not doing it cause the draw is more than they could ever produce.
Sounds like you have a lot of stuff hooked up...

and one of them is drawing it down
i pulled all the fuses and the pink ign wire that triggers all the relays that feed 4 amps ,12 leds, k40,video amp,a/vswitcher,direct tv, pioneer flip out screen in rear, drop down 15", power inverter, front and rear camera, ipod,brake controller.
all of this stuff gets it feed directly from the battery up front and gets triggered[switched 12v] by multiple relays. even the relays get power right off the main battery. now i shouldnt get a dead battery over night if i pulled all the fuses to all this stuff right????
i believe the 2 front door modules are staying powered up and are not going hibernate.it is now at the dealer and since all my stuff has all the fuses removed im sure they will still blame the aftermarket products?? with all my fuses pulled it still has a 1.28 amp draw somehow.. :help: ???
dealer seems to find that the 3 wires that connect from the drop down tv to the dome light is keeping the bcm awake and draining the battery. all that is tied in is the 12v gnd and door trigger wire from the oem dome light to the new drop down light. i will see in the morning if it goes dead again... ???
it was indeed the dome light on the drop down tv i put in.  somehow it kept tyhe bcm from going to sleep and ran the battery down. how? i dont know. it was connected correctly and the light didnt stay on at night... im gonna try a few diodes to isolate the aftermarket dome light on the drop down tv..