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07 foglights

It's posted (burried) in the "how to replace headlights on 07" thread and a few others...  but so far, can't find anyone who makes a replacement.
got the same problem. ?dealership claims it's a gm special for 30+ bucks apiece. ?i've been looking the last 2 days for a complete fog light replacement but it looks like there will be fabrication involved.

pretty sure that weak ass 24 watt bulb isn't worth 10 cents never mind 30 bucks. ?sure do miss my square 04 fogs!!!
I'm trying to go to a extreme yellow fog light, already have them modified to come on with the headlights :E:
let me know how u make out with that. . . been to 4 shops that supposedly do custom work, they won't touch it.


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its not an H3. the foglight bulbs are made by phillips special for gm, you can't even find it on phillips website.