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'07 Weight & Cargo capacity


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Dec 29, 2006
Last week I really put my 07 Av for a work out. My wife and her mom went on a short vacation together on July 4th through Sat... so I decided to surprise her and build a brick patio on a back yard.

After measured out, it came to 226sq/ft....
5 Trips to Lowes
First trip, various tools, 2x4's, and 45 bags of 50lb Sand and Crushed Rock: 2250 lbs
Second trip, 64 bags of Crushed Rock @ 50lb ea: 3250 lbs.
Third Trip: 60 bags of Crushed Rock @50lb ea: 3000lbs
Forth Trip: 520 bricks @ 3 lbs ea: 1560lbs
Fifth Trip: 500 bricks @ 3 lbs ea: 1500lbs

Second and Third trip... not sure exactly how much the stock fender clearance from the wheel is... lets say 11"... 3000lbs in the bed took it down to 4".

To achieve this, I put down the midgate and tried to keep as much of the weight centered in the truck as possible so not to put all the weight on the back axle.

I must say, the Av. handled it great. Handling was still good, ride was still good... put the tranny in the tow mode... no problems accelerating.

Just through I'd post... I'm so impressed by the hauling performance... for being only a 1/2 ton truck!
Brick is all laid... project almost complete. ... just need to do the concrete fill that locks the bricks in place and a concrete retainer where I had to build up one side where the yard slopes off a bit.... then it'll be finished.

Then of course she would like to do a pergala later on.