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1 Year Anniversary Reports



It's been one year and 11,000 miles and I still love this truck. It has to be the most useful thing i have ever purchased.

What are some of the problems others have had after one year? I have had the following (all relatively minor):

Trim around rear window sagged (50 cents worth of adhesive cured this).

NO leaks.

Feel like I am personally enriching several countries in the Middle East.

Both fog lights get standing water when I wash the truck. I have not seen anyone else post about this.

Two window chips. This seems to be a common problem.
One year and almost one month later......

I would take this truck over my wife..( and I do).

problems are.

To much money in the gas tank.

I can not keep it clean enough.

I can not tell you about the 4x4 because I have not used it at this time.( I did use it to pull a few fords out) but I got it for the snow up in PA after I retire from the Army in 2 years.

No leaks at all

Kids are to good when I put a movie on for them in the truck. I forgot them one day.. started to walk away from the truck when my oldest asked if she could come with me....LOL

SO I have no troubles even took it on a big trip.. El Paso TX to Texarakan TX far west TX to far east TX No troubles at all.....even got great gas milage 27 MPG from El Paso to Dallas. Nothing but highway.
around dallas and to texarkana 21 MPG alot of cars on the road.. Hey it is the best...

Is the birthday on the date it was built, on the date you bought it? I'm right in between the two right now. :)

I have had mine for one year and have 22,750 miles on it. It still is like new I have had a few leaks around the mid-gate and in the cargo box :9: but I have had those fixed I got the tent and I use it quit often. I love this truck I am looking at getting a 2003 in the end of May early June of next year for better APR. ;D