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11H New To Register, But Read-up A While...:)



To all:

This is really a great place for all of us "AVYS" to get together. I come from a background of many a GM Techs, and I guess I broke the mold! I never made a career out of it, but love GM products nonetheless... So I guess you could say I "know the lingo" if you know what I mean...:)

Anyways, here's to GM taking the leap, and finally acting on a concept!

I know I will have fun with all of you on this forum, and I hope to be a positive addition to it as well...

Gold Canyon, AZ
Welcome 11h...I'm sure you will find more than enough info here regarding the AV.....hope your stay is a pleasant one.... :B:
Welcome to the club 11H. :B:

It is a great place for information and the people here are great (y)

Great to have you part of this bg happy posting family. Wait till you see what is in store for you ..... you have no IDEA how much fun this site can be Just ask Mr Goo he will tell ya ( BTW if you havent come across Goo in the posts ..... which I can seriously doubt you can be on this site 5 seconds and come across Goo) MR Goo is the Master of posting on this :)

Have fun with the Av and modding
Welcome to the neighborhood 11H. You already know it's a great truck . . . well, this is a great site! The breadth of expertise here will cover just about anything you want to know about the Av!
Welcome 11H

One more guest becomes a member.