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12V Powerpoint Outlet In Cargo Box


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Jun 24, 2002
Deer Park, Tx
Well, yesterday I completed my addition of a 12V powerpoint in my AV. I really like it. The only thing that I need to do to it is install an inline fuse. Total cost... around $20 and thirty minutes. :D The pics are on the link below... I hope they are easy to follow.
Hey Black Magic,

Great Job!!!

Hmmm now to add that to my MOD list and find the plug. I like how it's covered and protected.

MOD ON!!!!

Great job, Black! Now I have somethng to do, in my spare time this weekend.

Wait, I don't have ANY spare time this weekend. Or any other, it seems..... :6:
black_magic said:
Well, yesterday I completed my addition of a 12V powerpoint in my AV. ?I really like it. ?The only thing that I need to do to it is install an inline fuse. ?Total cost... around $20 and thirty minutes. :D ?The pics are on the link below... I hope they are easy to follow.

Excellent!!! This is one I might have to try!
just when I thought I was going to get caught up on my mod list, you guys keep finding new things for me to do. ;D
Very cool mod BUT - where you located the plug will prevent you from doing a tiered load in your bed. The lip just below your plug is where the 2 X 4 would go.

Was there room to have the plug up higher so you could still carry a tiered load and remove the 2X4 without damaging the plug?

Otherwise a very cool mod, and personally one I wish the general had done from the word go.
Chief, you are correct. That is the spot where the 2 x 4 goes for two level loads and there is plenty of room above to make both work out (maybe next time :rolleyes:) I personally won't be using that, but I should have made a note so that others could mount it higher so that a board could slide in. My reason for putting the plug in that particular spot was to protect it as best I could.

12V in the bed ;D
Very nice and straight forward install. Good job. ;D I'm thinking I've got another mod on my to do list. Might combine this one with one in the center console.
It is a very cool mod If you ned a 12v outlet that will withstand the outdoors with a cover go to a marine store like a west marine or boaters world they have the outlets that are waterproof as well with covers for around 10-20 bucks deending on which one you get. Also GM makes an adapter to plug into the trailer plug near the hitch its around 35.00 they list it in the EXT accesories. thats if you want 12v in the rear when you are not moving. Like if you were on the beach and needed a blender for the drinks or working inthe back and wanted to plug an inverter or cell into it.

Just a thought

You found such a device in the EXT accessories, as in at the dealer or is there some other place to look that up?
As far as the protective cover goes, this unit has one. It was designed for the open bed of a pickup, so weather protection is top notch. It has the flip-up cap over the plug and the wiring in the back of it is also sealed.
mjmenke said:


mjmenke found the link for you this is what I was talking about.
I got my GM 12 volt power hitch adapter today, if you go with this unit you also need to buy a 40A Maxi-fuse and install it in the stud #1 location of the underhood electrical center. Had to run back to the dealer to get one.

The unit is live all the time and has no cover so you would not want to leave it in when not using it.

Having problems uploading a pic so go to album #1 of my picture site to see it.
This is a GREAT mod Black, and your pictures and directions are very nice! I had an idea inspired by Chief's comment about the tierd loading thing that I thought you could comment on having been in there already.

If you drill the hole for the outlet high enough to be above the "tierd loading" 2x4 location and at the aft of the 3-1/2" slot that it sets in (instead of the front end), would the hole still go into the storage box? I'm hoping that it won't actually as I've seen pictures somewhere of people with their storage boxes completely removed and I'm betting that would give you a lot of access to work behind that area.

If that works, I'm thinking it should allow the outlet to be mounted with the supplied screw-on nut instead of tape as well as keep the wires out of the storage bin (though you'd have to route the wires differently). Heck, if you take the storage box out I bet you could put the screw-on nut on the back of your install too. :)

Hopefully the back edge of the tierd loading slot offers as much protection as the front edge. Looks like it's a little shorter there but hopefully still as tall as the plug sticks out. I doctored up a couple of your pictures to show the mounting position I was trying to describe.

What do ya think?



Re-shrunk to 490 pixels and redid FTP. Hopefully this image fits a little nicer. Sorry for the fat-finger on the previous post. -TXAVy