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1st Tag (sort Of Backfired)


SM 2003
Full Member
Sep 23, 2002
Sanford, Florida
I tagged a Sunset Orange today at the Avenue in White Marsh MD. When I came back to my truck (not far from the tagged AV) the brochure was now on my windshield. I was thinking that sucks and how did they know it was me (ggod guess)...Anyway a note written on the brochure said Already a member screen name "lather" and wifes name is "Cooperblue". So I sort of failed however thats cool that they already are members.

Not ever a failure whenever you try and spread the word about this site! ;)

Keep up the tagging, no matter what, it's all good! ;D

One word of advice--don't let Conwayavalancher try to teach you death defying tags (see one of his earlier tag posts)! ;D Good thing you are in Maryland and not Arkansas or Derrel would have you practicing brochure handoffs at speed!

You didn't fail at all, at least they let you know they were on the site! Maybe we'll hear from them on this thread too!