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1st To 2nd Gear Shift Noise????



I have an 02 AV with 12,000 mile and I have been have ing a shudder when it shifts from 1st to 2nd. I took it to my friendly dealer and they said they heard it but could not fix it so they gave it back. :8: I went to the general mnager and told him what happened and he went for a ride and heard it and said that they should not have giving it back without fixing it. duh!! When I brought it back his "best" mechanic look at it. They had two days and never heard it. It did it the next day for me. Just wondering if any one has had this noise before???? ??? I searched for it but came up emty. Any help would be great!!!!!!!!!!!
Did the shuddering start recently? What are the early indications?

I have 2,500 miles of which 40 miles a day is stop and go commuting (lots of shifting) and have not experienced any trouble.

Check back four or five pages for a thread titled "Inside the 4I60/4I85 Q&A's". This is a very detailed writeup of how the unit operates, maybe it will help.

Good luck.
I think this has benn going on all along but not as loud. I also forgot to mention that at 41-43 when I accelerate or lift form the gas I get a rumble also.???????????? I will check that thead thanks>
I've had the same thing happen to me ('02 AV w/ only 1900 miles). Seems to come up even more in slow stop-and-go traffic. I haven't taken it in yet as it hasn't happened enough to figure out a specific patterm. I'm trying to figure out how to replicate it for the dealer so I don't end up going through a 2 day dropoff and get nothing out of it like you just had to. Seems more likely after things are all warmed up from driving for a while too. I'll be interested to hear about any progress you make with this.

I had a 1-2 shift problem on my 02 AV. The truck seemed to shift ok but then it would shudder and slam the rest of the way into 2nd gear. My dealer, drove it, experienced it, and replaced the valve body in the transmission due to a sticking valve in the valve body. The problem went away and hasn't come back.

Don't let up on the dealer. If they don't give you satisfaction, call GM Customer Care or the factory service rep.

thanks Bear. I WILL NOT let up on the dealer. Just waiting for it to do it for their mechanic to hear it. I hope the noise at 43 mph is related! Mike when I hear the noise I don't really feel it, but when I feel it I don't hear it. ??? ??? The general manager told me that the noise a 43-45 mph was the toque converter loading the motor, but he did not hear it, just blew me off :8:
I know exactly what you mean about the growling noise between 40-45, mine does it too, and yes it is the converter. Once you get above 45-50 it goes away, at this point is when the conveter clutch is fully applied. After the transmission shifts to second the converter clutch slowly begins to apply and the amount of slippage is constantly changing up to 45-50. If I hold throttle steady cruising between 40-45, I can actually hear the rpms changing slightly, probably less than 100 rpm. One of these days I am going to put a scan tool on it and see what the actual slippage is at that point. I don't have any experience with the reprogrammers that are avaliable, but wonder if the lock up point can be delayed a bit so there isn't quite a load on the engine at that point.
well I am going to tell them about it so they can look into it. Mine sound really bad sometimes like a rattle? I it is normal then they have a big design flaw in this truck :cry:. thanks for the input.
Hey Jay,
I have the same shudder. It is more pronounced when going up the ramps in the parking garage slowly. It does not happen all the time on level streets, and you are correct, it happens only when going real slow. If I accelerate harder, it is not noticable. It almost feels like slippage and the drivetrain shimmys a bit due to the loose feel it has. You know, the ol CLANK you hear in the drive shaft when gettin on and off the gas. :cautious:
I not worrying too much about it for the moment. But I will most likely bring it in before I hit the 30K mark.