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$2,500 Rebate On Silverado/GMC/Avalanche


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
MSNBC is reporting that General Motors has added $500 to many of the vehicles in their 1-2-3 promotion due to weak sales in May. The word is Silverado (not HD), GMC, and Avalanche models now have $2,500 cash back.

Can any of our GM employed folks confirm this?

AvaLance where are you!
:D:Yes, I can confirm that. I just bought a new Black w/North Face yesterday and received the 2500 bucks. I didn't even know about the rebate (EXTRA 500) until I signed the papers. Nice suprise. It may vary though depending on geographical location. I am in the NorthEast. GOOD LUCK!!!!! THE LANCHE RULES!!!!!
Yes, I was shopping yesterday and the salesman told me this... :)

On top of my GMS discount, this is a sweet deal! ;)

Just gotta get my finances straightened out. :6:
I stopped in at the local dealership in north DFW area to ask if they had any literature on the 2003's yet and the salesman there tried to wrangle me into a 2002 by saying that there was a $2,700 rebate. Might have just been a local promo on top of the $2,500 though.
Carsdirect.com in the So. California area is showing a $3000.00 rebate for the Avalanche.

Carsdirect.com has pretty good prices on most new vehicles, however, I paid even less than carsdirect with a Costco referral.
Wished I had waited another 10 days for the additional $500 rebate! :mad:
I picked mine up on June 29th and I got the $2000 Rebate Plus $500 Bonus Cash.
I wonder if the Bonus Cash is still available? The Dealer claimed it was going away as of July 1 but you know how that goes when a potential sale is sitting across the table