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Jun 14, 2006
Anyone out there tried to polish or give their factory polished 20's a good cleaning. Washed the truck last night which I haven't done in a while due to weather and work and there are tan colored stains on the one wheel from brake dust. I heard that these wheels are clear coated so you really can't polish them if that's the case. I was thinking of trying some cleaner wax and maybe one of those mothers power balls to see if that would help polish the clear coat back. If anyone else has had any experience with this already please let me know so I can go home and try something today since this is driving me crazy.
Mine get the same marks. Mostly just the front ones. I use Meguiars wheel cleaner and it works great. Spray on, give it a good scrub and rinse off. They look shiney and clean.
Thanks Shels. I only use Meguiars products. Do you use the all wheel cleaner that comes in the pink bottle? If so I have some at home that I'll try. Do you use a sponge to clean yours with or something else?.
Yep, pink All Wheel cleaner. I use a tire brush to clean mine. I found it helps get them cleaner easier.
Thanks again Shel. Getting ready to leave work now and go home and give it a shot after the wheels cool down that is. I'll install my Line of Fire first and then we should be good to go. I do have a wheel brush but I also have some Scotch Brite kitchen pads that I bought that are abravise but they do not scratch. I used to use them on my Silverado grill and side mirror covers to get the bugs off. I might try one in a little spot and see how it goes.

Thanks again. Great looking AV. Would go good dowin here since those are Ravens colors.
I've become a big fan of the Michelin tire care products line:


no acids etc. that can harm wheels and tires, and tire shine leaves a natural dark luster rather than the oily look.......