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20" Silverado SS Rims Chrome - PICS


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Sep 13, 2004
Middle River, MD
In case anyone was curious, I posted my new rims and tires (Hankook Ventus ST 285/50/20).? These were $1550 shipped to my door from www.performanceplustire.com.? I was on a very limited budget, but I wanted something that was nice but not too gaudy.? They came with the little Corvette emblem in the center cap.? Not sure how I feel about that yet, but so far I am happy.? I know how everybody loves pics so here ya go!





Good choice, Nic.  One of my favorite styles.  (y)
Sweet  :cool: I like the look
Looks good. Congrats on the wheels and tires. I've got Hankooks too, and I like them a lot. Hope they're as good to you as they have been to me so far. (y)
Classy look you definitely picked a winner. (y)
Thanks for the compliments!  It makes me like them even more!

Hopefully this just gives some other folks that are looking to buy another idea or style.  And the website is very affordable.  They have a gazillion different rims, and their customer service was great.  They gave me the Hankooks because they didn't have the Yokohamas I wanted.  They gave them to me at the Yoko price which was almost $60/tire discount (again, I was on a budget, and couldn't get the fanciest.)  They are in CA so I couldn't call them early in the morning here, but they were great.
Nice rims nterre,

But if u dont really like the vette centerpiece, check with your local dealer and they can probably order them with just a chevy emblem.


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Yasho - Thanks for the info!  That's what I was thinking, to go to the dealership, or to see if maybe I could find them on eBay.

Cadboy - I was torn between the chrome or the alloy.  I have always wanted chrome rims (this is my 4th car), and this was my first opportunity to get some.  But the alloys look great too!

Thanks again all for the nice words!
I love the chrome..have had several cars with chrome wheels. But in the north east with snow and salt, no matter how good you take care of them, you have maybe 5 years before peeling and flaking starts  :E:
good looking rims dude!