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2002 2500 Factory Pushbar


Full Member
Nov 16, 2002
New Britain, CT
Hey, whats up everyone. I was wondering why gm says that there factory push bar only fits the 1500 series truck. I have the 2500 and really want the pushbar. Does anyone know if it fits, why or why not.
Thanks in advance,
the bigger engine needs more airflow for cooling, in GM's mind (that's why you get an additional air vent on the bottom of the bumper cladding) and the bar disturbs maximum cooling airflow, they believe
???I was wondering why GM said that the factory pushbar was only for the 1500 series. Never even thought of a problem with airflow. I just thought that maybe it wouldn't fit, that the front of the truck had the frame shaped different or something.

I've been searching for a wrap around brush guard for my AV (that's not here yet). The problem I'm having is that when I look in magazines, I never see anything for the AV. I'm hoping that's just because it's new and that companies are are actively working on designing aftermarket accessories for the AV.

When GM redesigned the full size pickup in 99 to become the new Silverado, I saw loads of accessories come out the first year. I hope companies don't just give the brush-off to the AV and figure it's not going to be a popular vehicle to make accessories for.
as for the bumper aftermarket parts, I think the issue is two-fold (1) the Av is still kinda new, and (2) tons of cladding and not too much metal near the surface make it tough to design workable versions of these things for the Av, all that cladding also makes it tough to design a whole bumper replacement like a TJM bull bar sort of thing, removing the existing bumper cladding (and putting on a new metal bumper unit) leaves some areas un-clad that make for a rough transition to the cladded areas, even if you paint the metal bumper "cladding grey".