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2002 AV Demo Car



I am new to the forum, and in the process of purchasing an AV. I am looking to either get a good price on a 2002 or wait for the 03. A dealer offered me about 30K for a pewter Z71 with cloth Demo unit. The vehicle has a born on date of 9/01 and has about 6600 miles. The MSRP was about 36K. The price included the rebate of 2500. He told me that he was giving me invoice minus the 2500, but considering this is really a used truck I thought I should get a better deal. What do you guys think? Thanks

I would think you could get one with heated leather buckets and sunroof for $30K based upon other info posted on this site. $27K to $28K appears to be more reasonable, otherwise I would hold out for the '03. As I have posted elsewhere, I got $6,000 off MSRP on a fully loaded Z71 in Nov. '01 without the benefit of any rebate.
I think you can do better than that. Unless they're hard to come by in your area.
Depending on all the options that it has, I would try for under $30k. I think you'll find most people here are getting Z-71's for somewhere around $33 or so (maybe less) not including the rebate. If you're going to finance maybe the dealer can work out that price and some 0% financing. :0:
Good Luck. You're in the driver's seat. (y)
Invoice I believe would be less than 30k. I think the dealer is yanking your chain and you should be able to get that for about 28000 after rebate.

Tell him I would pay about 29k out the door for a 6600 mile demo unit.

Disclaimer: This is only my oppinion and should be taken as such. Actual dealer pricing might vary as I do not control their pricing.

Doesn't sound like a "great" deal - I know I'm going to hurt some feelings here but a 09/01 born on date carries a bit more risk than 10/01 and beyond (it's border line).

As I wrote on another post - on all dealer demo units INSIST on seeing all vehicle maintenance records - the scary reality is the odds are very high that Avalanche has never been to the service department.

I would treat it as "second owner" one year old goods - I think the KBB value on that one if it is stickering at 36K is probably around 27K - so at 30K your upside down.

Put it in perspective - my Z-71 was bought in December of 01, stickered at $38.7K (has all options), was found on a dealer trade (so not take out of inventory), had four miles on it and I paid $34K - PLUS got the 0.0% - at the time there was no $2,500 cash back (I did get $1K back).

There are better deals - and you might want to wait for the 2003's OR for a slightly better used selection in another couple of months. Because the interior changes are pretty sweeping in the 03 - I think you'll have some earlier traders...and these will typically be well taken care of models.

Just my thoughts...
Thanks for all the info. I would think the deal is OK, if the truck were new, but this AV has that BOD of 9/01 and 6600 miles. What kind of extra dollars off should I get due to those facts alone. Or should I not bother and hold out for the 2003. I am afraid that when the 03s hit the discounts will be gone. I know the rebates will be gone but will they come off the sticker.

With 6600 miles on it I would think that you could get them down into the 23-24K range. They are way to high for a vehicle with that may miles on it.
For what it is worth i am seeing dealer ads for 25K for 2002 clearance models in the Detroit area. ;D
I have seen ads in San Antonio for 6K off and 8K off MSRP in Bandera, TX ... and they are talking about NEW 2002's.
I agree with most here, sounds way too high for having 6600 miles. I just got mine, brand new, 3 days ago (7/19) - list was 38.7 and paid 31.3 (incl. rebate).
Don't get too hung up on that one. I think you can find one that's not a demo and get that kind of deal. If nothing else, tell the guy (after doing some comparison shopping) that you can get one with many fewer miles for about the same price. Use www.gmbuypower.com (or the dealer search on Chevrolet.com is better I think) to help you find what you really want then do some negotiating.
I agree with Chief, with that date and the likelyhood that it hasn't been serviced properly, you're just asking for more problems.
:p :-X
Ok lets do some Math.

Sticker $36,000

Dealer Invoice $31,000 Give or take $500
Subtrack - $ 2,500 Rebate
Sub Total $28,500
Subtrack - $ 1,000 Mileage of 6600
Final Total $27,500 Give or take $500

This is what I would ask for. You should be able to get this or better.

On my quest to buy an AV. A dealer has located the exact truck I want. A pewter Z71 with leather. The MSRP is about 37K. The dealer has to get the truck from another source quite a distance away and has given me a price of 34.2 with out the rebate. He says his cost on the vehicle is 33.7 which is about 1K higher than the invoice price from KBB which includes the 745 destination fee. He told me that with the rebate we are 2K under invoice but his invoice is different than the invoice I am showing. Any advice would be helpful.
They also told me that there are going to be no changes to the 2003 AV. Is this true? What can I do to prove him wrong?
I just want an AV.

Hey Gabe

I went to the dealer to get a new truck.
I was goin to get a 2002, but I told the dealer
that there were going to be slight changes to the
interior and exterior, and asked him what he thought.
He personally owns an awesome lifted av, and so he felt that the new interior mods were worth the wait
since his care does not have the highest interior build quality. I ordered a 2003 with that, and we shall see when she comes.

Money has not been really discussed - i want the truck for invoice, and the rep i deal with knows that and will give me a good deal since i am returning gm


just bring him some of the posts from this site
Gabe, I went by my dealer a couple days ago, and he had a loaded pewter Av (leather, sunroof, onstar, assist steps etc.) for under 33000 on the windshield. They have a no dicker policy, so the price is solid, but the factory sticker said 39000.
As of then they had a red one also. If you want to check them out on GMbuypower, they are Team Chevrolet in Scottsbluff NE.
Gabe, at least the dealer is consistent (consistently wrong, that is) :rolleyes:

I've purchased a vehicle with printouts of edmunds.com (or KBB.com) in hand. Did you have it with you? Did he offer an explaination as to the discrepancy between the invoices? I know there are different philosophies regarding the deal, but if you intend to buy at invoice + reasonable profit then you must first agree to what is the invoice.

Also, if I read correctly in your post that KBB invoice INCLUDES destination, then "his" invoice is actually 1,745 high, right? My research here tells me that negotiation should begin at invoice; this has worked in my experience (not with an Av yet, mind you) and I agree with the others.
No that's not true. :2: There are alot of changes for the 2003's. Take a look around the site and you'll see plenty of interior changes. The only exterior changes that have been mentioned are the darker cladding and the addition/deletion of some paint colors. You can prove him wrong by waiting a month till the new ones come out.
The price he gave you didn't sound too bad. The rebate shoudn't have anything to do with his "invoice" price. You can still probably get him lower though but maybe only $1k. I don't think that the $745 destination is really negotiable. GM puts that on all their vehicles. I tried to have a vehicle transferred from one dealer to another and was told that it would cost $250 if the dealer had anything they would trade for (whatever?).
Everything depends on how badly you want an AV right now.
Hope this helps. ;)
Doesn't sound like a very good deal to me. I got a 2002 z71 with the cloth back in October for 31,000. It only had 6 miles on it. I would think 25k would be the highest I would go for a used 2002.

Personally I would wait and pay any cost for a 2003 with dvd, 6disc, and xm.

: )