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2003 Avalanche 2500 Questions


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Oct 12, 2002
Medford, LI, NY
I am preparing to order a 2003 Avalanche 2500 and was told by the dealership that I may have to put commercial plates on the vehicle because it is a 2500 series. I live in New York (Long Island). I thought this was strange since a 2500 Suburban, and a 3500 Dually Silverado Pickup can have passenger plates. I realize that the weight of the vehicle might be over the limit for driving on parkways, but I think it should still be able to have passenger car plates.

Also, does anyone have the snow plow prep package on their vehicle. I wanted to order my vehicle with this option to get the higher power alternator. Just wanted to make sure that they don't drill extra holes all over the place for the plow setup. (I have no plans of ever putting a snowplow on the vehicle.)

I'm new to the site, so sorry if I asked a question that was already asked. Any info that you may have would be appreciated. Thanks.
New York may be different from California, but here is the scoop here.

Trucks with either a flat bed or conventional bed (pick-up) deems it a "Made for commercial use" vehice. It does not matter if it is a 1500, 2500, 3500 and so on. So, pick-ups are licensed as commercial vehicles. Now, Suburbans, etc are "passenger" vehicles, therefore not made for commercial use.

Add a twist? If you own a pick-up with a permanently attached Camper shell or cap, (bolted on), you can register the vehicle as non-commercial. Our Avalanches qualify as commercial unless you put the Snug-Top cap on it.

So there ya go. Here in California it might well be beneficial to be registered as commercial, because it takes you out of the "SUV" class which the insurance companies are trying to exploit with higher rates.

And the saga continues. Hope this helps.
The states are all different on this. Use your dealer as your best source for info. Here in North Carolina all vehicle over 4,000 lbs. must have commercial plates. They let it slide for years, but are enforcing it now. When I received my initial passenger tags there was a warning about citation possibilities on the registration! I spoke with the dealer and they said it was their mistake...and to bring the tags in. I'll let you know. I'm supposed to pick them up on Monday. :rolleyes:
Ok, I found out the info I needed on the license plates. So for anyone who needs to know, all Avalanches qualify for passenger car plates in New York state. 1500 or 2500 series. :)
Just remember that if you decide to drive on parkways, they have a max limit of (I believe) 5000 pounds. :( I see Suburbans on the parkways all of the time, so I don't know if they really enforce that rule. ??? ?
Pickup trucks no longer need a cap or seatbelt in the bed for passenger plates. The laws changed in 2000. Just make sure you're not carrying any construction debris or equipment in the back of your vehicle on a parkway. ?:B:

Still checking for info on the snow plow prep package. The dealer doesn't know much. Just that you get a higher power alternator. Anyone have the snow plow prep package on their truck that can tell me exactly what extra is on there besides the alternator? Thanks. :D