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2003 Avalanche, What Color Do You Have


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May 28, 2002
La Vernia, TX
sorry I don't have room to put all the colors only lets me have 8 options so Other covers White, Sunset Orange,
Dark Grey gotta love the way it blends with the darker cladding! :B:
joediver said:
Dark Grey gotta love the way it blends with the darker cladding! :B:

I was waxing my DGM last week at a large state park. ?I figured it's a nice, peaceful place to get my waxing done, undisturbed. ?WRONG! ?So many different people came up to me asking questions and commenting on my Av. ?

One guy came racing up so fast in some kind of Rav4 machine, I thought I was in for a drive-by. ? :eek: ?He just went on and on and on and on about how cool the Av looked. ?I guess he was pretty impressed. ?Another guy came up in a Blazer and had lots of nice things to say about it. ? Another guy on a bike, someone walking their dog, some other casual strollers . . . and even a park worker who also owns an Av, stopped by to chat. ?

This whole series of interruptions and "demos" turned my 2.5 hour wax job into a 4 hour epic event. ?My wife asked "Where have you been all this time?". ?Uh . . . waxing. ?Really, I was! ?:eek: ???

I'll tell you one thing . . . . If your goal is to be inconspicuous, you shouldn't be driving an Av. ? :eek: ;D >:D
Gee, you mean there are other colors besides BLACK? ;D Zaino & black...one sweet mix! :love:
I have the soon to be discontinued but wonderful Arrival Blue. I sure see more on the road than have voted here!
Just what the heck is a dark gray?
Other also = SOM
White is my choice this time (y) :B: