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2004 Door Relay & Stuck CDs


New Member
Apr 8, 2004
My rear doors won't lock, so I am trying to replace the lock relay. What's the easiest way to remove the relay? Also my CD's won't play nor eject. So is there a reset or just pull the fuse? Thanks for any help.
:help: I replaced the Power Door Lock Relay, but that didn't help. ??In my manual I see the "Driver Unlock" PDM which states it controls the Power Door Lock Relay (Driver's Door Unlock Function), but I don't see this Driver Unlock PDM. ??Any ideas? Thanks. ?
Ok the PDM is the Passenger Door Module in the front passenger door. It also is where the remote key fob signal is sent too. Then depending on what is pressed it will send the signal through the Serial Data Bus to the FSDM Front side Door Module or something close. Not going to get the service books out for that. The Signal is also recieved at the BCM or Body Control Module. This is where the signals are sent from to the relays.

Things to try.
Swap the working relay to the other one to see if that makes the lock relay work to lock rear doors.

I myself ended up open the relay case and clean with some contact cleaner. Then applied contact paste to the relay legs and re installed. Worked fine till I traded.

No thoughts on the CDs