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2005 Right Front Quarter Panel Rattle


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Dec 16, 2004
The right front quarter panel on my 2005 started to rattle and groan about a week ago. I thought there was a problem with the front end but after two hours of mechanics going crazy trying to find the noise, it turns out not to be mechanical but structural. The right front quarter panel has a visible bolt you can see when you lift the hood. The quarter panel has a tab at the end through which a bolt is inserted and tightened down into the truck. That tab has a crack running all the way through it just after the bolt, now separating it from the quarter panel. Normal road irregularities will now cause the panel to flex and groan during driving.

I have owned the truck since it was brand new and the truck has never been in an accident. 

Has anyone heard of the a problem with body panels on the AV before.

Just turned 40,000 miles and love still love my truck.

you mean fender right?

someone long time ago on here...

had one of the fender mounting tabs crack clean off so fender was loose and made noises as well..

forget who and when... but long time ago.... has pics in his thread
Well post pic!!
This happened to me also.  Have a 04 with cladding.  Both front fenders replaced due to a woman driving with head in the wrong place.  After around 22,000 miles the "mounting tab" split and startied rattling.  Brought it back to body shop and over 2 years so not under warranty.  They did weld and paint it up for me.  Well that didn't last 100 miles before it broke again and the turn signal housing fell out.  Seems they broke the plastic keeper on the assembly and fixed it with epoxy!  The dealer that did all the work has gone out of business so I went to another Chevy dealer.  Well to make a long story short there is nothing they can do for me.  I got a quote for over $1600 to replace the fender not counting the turn signal assembly.  I have always bought Chevy's, 3 new ones in 4 years, but this has me rethinking the brand.  Thank you for listening.  Getting drunk as a skunk didn't help me feel better over this so maybe this will ;(
I too have a rattle that I'm trying to find, only does it at speed on the highway and it sounds like a dull plastic rattle on the passenger side.

First I thought it might be the cladding on the front passenger door, nope!

I found one possible solution, my passenger side fender liner/skirt was loose and rattling a bit and I only found that out after washing the truck recently.

Not sure about my body mounts but I'm going to check now!

Daveinsocal............ :cool:
DaveInSoCal said:
I found one possible solution, my passenger side fender liner/skirt was loose and rattling a bit and I only found that out after washing the truck recently.
Daveinsocal............ :cool:
My daughter had a rattling noise in the front passenger fender on her Kia Sephia that was driving me crazy. I finally found that the problem was the plastic fender skirt being loose. When the car hit 55 - 60 MPH the rattle would start. Threw a couple of Stainless Steel pop rivits in and problem solved.  :D