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2007 ltz Highbeam/radio ??


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ok so I'm having 2 issues with my girl
1.. my radio its equipped with the bose system it's dead... I've checked the fuse under the hood, it's all good it will, however, light up if I push the cd load button then go out but nothing else, what am I missing?
2.. my high beams wanna stay on always... I did replace my underhood fuse/relay junction box and that did not fix either problem



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The OEM radio in my 2004 EXT was bad when I bought the truck.

I do not need more than an OEM radio and was not interested in an aftermarket unit.

I searched and found an exact replacement OEM radio on eBay.

Once installed, I had to go to a dealer and have them insert my truck's VIN into the radio in order for it to work properly.

That cost me one hour's service charge and the radio has been working fine for the past 8 years.

You may also want to search on Car-Part.com for a used unit.

I understand there are many businesses that repair OEM radios that can be found online, but I have never used one.

If you wish to try an aftermarket unit instead, others have mentioned looking that the Crutchfield website for information and products.

Your headlights being stuck on high may be a bad multifunction switch/lever on the steering column.