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2007 LTZ with Bose upgrade issues


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Dec 10, 2006
Lake Wylie, SC
I have an 07 LTZ, and the Bose system that came with it just doesn't do it for me.  I went to a local custom car audio outfit, who does quite a bit of high end audio installs around here, and they told me the only way upgrading the speakers and amps would work is to also replace the head unit. 

They say the data bus system that came with the Bose / nav system makes it almost impossible to get the right voltage to (signal) to the new amps and even using the adapter that supposedly allows you to add an amp to the system will not allow the amp to perform optimally.

Has anyone here upgraded their sound system i.e. all speakers including tweeters and subwoofer(s) utilizing the stock nav head unit?  If so, how did it turn out?
I just did some digging and I don't see an interface to get signal from the factory head.  I didn't think it would be a problem and my initial assumption was that their comments were either up-sell or pointing out that it would not be the optimum setup.  However after digging around Peripheral's and PAC's sites I don't see a module available for "add an amp" for the GM LAN systems that are in our trucks so they may very well be speaking truth there.

Honestly, if you're going to the expense of adding an amp, speakers, sub then you're really limiting the potential of the system by using a factory head (trust me, I've learned this the hard way in my '06 Vette).  Unless your truck has the rear seat entertainment option or NAV then I wouldn't hesitate a moment to go the extra step of replacing the head as well.  There are a bunch of double din head units out there that look every bit as good as stock in the dash, sound significantly better and offer many more features.  However if you do have NAV or RSE then you've got quite an investment and it makes the decision alot tougher.

My advice, if you don't have RSE or NAV, replace the head too.

I have been told the exact same thing from the dealer / installer of all of my trucks sound systems.
I would have to go to a complete system replacement. I think Kenwood has a system that allows you to keep your steering wheel controls and nav unit working. Just not sure if it is worth all the trouble.

Yes it can be done. ?I had this setup for a while until I bought the Alpine IVA-W205 HU. ?I used an old OEM-1 from PAC that I had from my Vette. ?I think PAC makes a plug and play version now but I just spliced mine in. ?I was told by a shop here that it couldn't be done also. ?I replaced the factory speakers with MB Quart Q-series in front, CDT coax in the rear and image dynamics 8's. ?It sounded really great compared to factory, although now that I have replaced the HU it sounds even better. ?Try JPcustoms, I think they will have everything you'll need. ?They are very willing to help out as they answered some of my questions with replacing the HU and retaining the Onstar, RSE, and parking assist.
Apparently there is a plug and play module -  - A wise man found this for me - AEOM GM1416  ! !  :eek:  fit for 2007 plug and play!
Had an amp / 1 sub set up for my 03  I held off putting in - AEOM GM 24.  Looks like I can replace the PAC piece and still do this on the 07 now.

Thanks Byron -  (y)
Now just gotta find time to do this along three other things... :beating: :cool: PLus change the color of carpet on the box .. :E: :laugh:
Thanks to everyone that responded.  I had forgot I posted this and now I feel like a big dumby.  I still haven't done anything and it looks like I won't as I believe that when (if) they come out with a 2500 of the new style then I'm jumping to that and worry about the stereo then.