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2007 Seat Covers

Big Jim

Full Member
May 29, 2007
Northwest Suburbs of Chicago
Does anyone have seat covers in there 07?

there is another thread about coverking and there are a couple of us trying to find some more info on them if anybody still has them

or any other suggestions etc.

thanks all!
I just got the ones from the GM Accessories Store online.  I like the look, but am still trying to decide if they make the seats hotter or if it's just the fact that the Texas summer has finally hit its stride and it's now 95 degrees every day instead of 85. 
Pics of the GM Accessories Store covers.  They come with covers for the center section and armrest as well, but I haven't put them on - it's 95 degrees out, and once I got the seats covered, I decided that the center section could wait till cooler weather.


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