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2007 torque converter


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Mar 4, 2007
anyone know of a company with a higher stall speed torque converter out for the 2007 av with the 5.3? in my searches i haven't been able to come up with much, was hoping that maybe someone here could shed some light! thanks
k15goose said:
bump for curiosity...

http://www.tbyrnemotorsports.com/ and http://redstarperformance.com/
There are several companies that have them....but the one I reccomend is www.protorque.com. 1-631-218-8700

Ask for Joe Jr. and tell him Mark from Dr. Nick's in Milford sent you.

I've had one of his converters in mine for over 2 years. I plow, race, tow with it and have had no problems.

You can also order one from GM for a Trailblazer.

Good luck