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2015 National Get Together Charity Raffle Winners


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Better late than never, but I have finally located my list of winners of the items from the Charity Raffle.

I realize it has been almost a month since nationals, but I wanted to put up the full list for reference!

I didn't realize we had such a good list of items! We sat them out so quickly and went straight through the raffle, I didn't have time to count them all until now!  (y)

2015 Raffle Items and Winners

1. Tennessee State Bank Gift Bag - Tpicks55
2. EricB's Homemade BBQ Sauce Basket - ronthehandymanga
3. US Polo Shirt - GoldBowTie
4. Rust Removal Kit - trAVelingman
5. T-Shirt Choice - RB England
6. T-Shirt Choice - Didit
7. AUX. Cigarette Plug - Calicak89
8. Oil Change Kit - enoniam
9. Volunteer Chevrolet Ballcaps - Frito & MDZ66
10. Volunteer Chevrolet Mug - MDZ66(Dawn) & Lu
11. LOVE Chevrolet Shirt - RB England
12. Carworx Refinish Restorer - EricB
13. California car Duster - Intimidatoruag
14. Quick Detail Kit - Didit
15. Carworx Interior Kit - MDZ66
16. Chevy Sunglasses - silverrider
17. Caliper Paint - Hugz & Intimidatoruag
18. Four Fender Mod - BNGBleeder
19. Avalanche Watch - jtrain05
20. American Flag Bowtie - Neal729
21. Camouflage Chevy Hat - Tpicks55
22. Kids Basket (Boys) - 4x4dreamer's mom
23. Kids Basket (Girls) - lets get the yellow (yukonjack's daughter Claire)
24. Race Glaze Complete Kit - GoldBowTie
25. Fog Lights - 4x4dreamer's mom
26. Avalanche Trail Sign - MDZ66 (Dawn)
27. Stoner 30min Shine Kit - moosc
28. $25 Rock Auto Gift Card - enoniam
29. Griots Garage Kit - EricB
30. Dr. ColorChip Road Rash Repair Kit - enoniam
31. Bed Panel Bag - MDZ66
32. Socket Set - enoniam
33. Minion Cap - Intimidatoruag (Or maybe Julia  >:D )
34. Meguiars Complete Car Care Kit - GoldBowTie
35. Candy Basket - moosc
36. CAFCNA Knife - Didit & Lu
37. Avalanche Hitch Cover - Toots
38. 6 Disk CD Changer - wilsonracing
39. AV Ladies Tote Bag - BnGBleeder(Gwyn)
40. American Flag Chevy Hat - MinorOne & GR1MR3APER(Heather)
41. Cruise in Calendar & Corvette Banner - Intimidatoruag
42. KenTool Set - Hugz
43. Stoner Kit - Dluvr22
44. Duragloss Complete Kit - jtrain05
45. AV Ladies Pampering Basket - NANA (Moosc's mom)
46. Choice of Hats - Dluvr22, Tpicks55, & EricB
47. Minion Hat - EricB

Thank you all again for making this years national get together such a success! I can't tell you how happy I was with the turn out and the money we were able to raise for such a good cause!

And as always, we must thank our generous sponsors and donors! Thank you all for contributing items to the raffle! Without you, none of this would have been possible!!!

Until next year,  :wave:



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4x4dreamer said:
9. Volunteer Chevrolet Ballcaps - Frito & MDZ66
Thank goodness nobody else put in a ticket for ballcap.  I really needed is for my sunburn.  :laugh:


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frito said:
Thank goodness nobody else put in a ticket for ballcap.  I really needed is for my sunburn.   :laugh:
When we got home, the next weekend I ended up with an additional sunburn on my neck..... It laid over the original dark tan I had from nationals, and that pard peeled... When you could see the top of my back, ashley said that my neck looked like neapolitan Ice cream  :laugh: