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22" toyo proxes s/t


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Aug 16, 2007
i got 285/45/r22 toyo proxes and they are noisey as hell. I run them at 35psi and even tried 40psi and they didnt change any. It sounds like a have a tire full of rocks driving down the road. I was curious if anyone else has had this similar problem or know someone with one like it.
I think that's what I have.... 22" toyo something  ???  I'll just say this will be my last set I'll put on my truck.  Maybe the Michliens I had before on spoiled me somewhat    :laugh:
I have the toyo proxies, 20's and I don't notice any sounds from them.

Maybe I'm going deaf.  I'll have to listen more carefully.

I am having a problem with noise on my new tires. more of a squeaking noise. they make a special bead sealer that is suppose take care of it. bringing it in this week to have them remount. something to do with clearcoat on the rims. GM has a service bulletine on problems thay have had
I had those and had the same issue. When they wore out I went with Falkens and was very please.
Thanks for the feed back guys! I asked a guy at discount tire and he said its the tread design is why it soundslike the tires are full of rocks. then he said the squeaking noise is normall on 22" tires witha low pro side wall.