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time to wash the damn truck so it isnt filthy, and take more pics. and the lowering kit is 3/5 so thats gonna be pretty insane...
jamie and redleg have both suggested gatorback black. ordering it it now...

glad everyone likes it as much as i do. but i will  say it, shoulda just got 24s
What drop you gonna use??? I put a 3/5 on mine with 22's. Who is putting the drop on for you? I know Motion Hydrolics in Brockton does that stuff.
i sa these rims online and was thinkin about buying them but wanted to know how they would look on an AVY.  Did u buy them offline or locally?
Nice rims, I personally would have gone up in size to at least a 22" or 24"  I have 24" shoes on my Avy and the ride is great, less body roll. My mpg suffered a little bit, but I am able to still get from Madison AL to Indy on a tank of gas and have about 1/4th left. That's a 425mi trip.