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2500 Front-end Noise When Accel. To The Right



Has anybody had the problem of the front end making
a klunking(binding) noise when accelerating from a stop
with the wheel slighly turned to the right? I have a
2500 4WD. ??? It also feels like the truck is slight bouncing when this happens almost like 4WD was still
engaged when it is not.
I have an '02 2500, just turned over 3000 miles, and I have noticed the same thing you describe for the past 100 or so miles. I was going to swing by the dealer the next time I have a chance to see what they say about it... If I find out before anyone says anything here, I will surely post it.

P.S. --> I've been checking out this site for a few weeks now, but this is my first post here, so pardon me if I didn't do something right :) This site is awesome!
My first Avalanche did a similar thing, but it was in the rear. I believe it was the limited slip differential. There was a service bulliten that claimed that the differential was to be drained and filled with synthetic gear lube. They were supposed to leave the factory in Mexico with synthetic, but a lot of them didn't. Run that by your dealer.