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2500 Trannsmission Cooler?


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Jan 27, 2002
North Reading, Ma.
Does my 2500 have a tranny cooler? It appears that it does but Im not quite sure if its a tranny cooler or an engine oil cooler. Some one enlighten me. Thanks
It has a trans cooler built into the radiator one one side and an engine oil cooler on the other. You can add an additional cooler if so inclined in front of the AC condenser but not sure you need it.
I looked at a 2003 2500 and it had a aux trans cooler. Salesperson said that it came that way. I have pulled an 11,000 lb trailer on 1,000 mile trips with my 2002 2500 and the trans never got hot.
I have a 2002 8.1 2500 4x4 and added an electric fan cooled trans cooler with a 180 degree temp switch.Towing 6000 pound boat in 100 degree plus weather the trans temp was going over 200 every time. 185 max after cooler was installed.

Is the 1500 the same way? ... If not, then why is it we can get away with a 8,000 # tow capacity with no aux cooler? (Both my 5.3 Silverados had aux coolers) ...