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3 New Mods I'm Thinking About?


SM 2003
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Sep 1, 2002
I'm trying to get these 3 mods. I've seen a couple similar,but not exact. would you be interested in any of them or do they suck?

1. Centercap decals. Color match your AV w/Bowtie or maybe 'AV' or mountains etc... I hate that CHEVROLET TRUCK on the wheels.

2. Custom fit clear vinyl for the mirrors...reasonably priced,hopefully. I'm tired of nicks. But I don't want to spend too much $$$

3. Here's one I think TXAVy might be able to help with.
It uses some metal like his bed rack and it uses ECRM's great bumper flag mod. It's a 2 foot high rod off the rear grab handles to hold those smaller flags people hang from the windows. I can't because of window visors.

well, what do ya'll think? wait...let me get on my suit of armour!
I know that wonder91178 has the checkered flag theme going and has them in her centercaps.

The couple people i have seen that used decals came off in a fairly quick time period, I had the Mrs paint the centers, been about 9 months and no problems ;D
I have decals on the centercaps. Had them on for over a year now. I had a local decal guy make outlines of the bowtie in blue to match the truck. I brought him one of the capps, and made a few up till he got it perfect. They fit right into the bowtie. They are not lifting at all either. It's been washed a lot, and the snow didn't screw them up. I went decals because I figured it would be easier to change them than to mess with the paint.
the clear plastic covers for mirrors will stop nicks and protect the mirror color finish, is cheap, and nearly invisible. Be patient installing to avoid wrinkles/bubbles. good product. look up other threads on clear covers/clear mirror and hood protectors.