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36 AVs! Fri Nov 29 - Willamette Valley, OR


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Apr 17, 2002
Elk Snout, Oregon, USA
I actually saw more that I could have tagged but ran out of brochures.

It all started at 4:45 am Friday in the Beaverton Fred Meyer parking lot. I tagged 3 there. From there we went over to Toys-R-Us, Comp-USA, Bi-mart, Target, Freyes, 2 more Fred Meyers, Wallmart, the Woodburn Outlet Mall, and a K-Mart.

It got easy. See I would pull up to the door to drop my wife off to start shopping as I looked for a parking space. While looking I stopped and tagged any AV I came across in the lot. We wore 2-way radios with ear peices to meet back up in the store after I got the AV parked.

I wish I had kept track of which AV was tagged where. The only reason I know that there was 36 of them is that's how many brochures I had with us.
Now that is damn fine work!!! I have not tagged that many total yet! Much less in one day!