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4 New Editions To My AV Collection


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Feb 7, 2002
Jacksonville, FL
Just picked up these 4 new Avalanche diecasts at WalMart and KMart. Looks like the new diecasts are starting to come out for this year so get them while you can.

Attached are pictures.

You can check out all of my collection at the link in my sig.

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DarkEye said:
Here is the second pic.
Nice toys ;D

That's the green one I was trying to find for someone. Not really FGM though but the only green one I have seen.

I'm looking for the green one. :(
I would love to find a 1:18 or so.

All i have seen is a matchbox one. Too small to mod. :mad:

Still looking :cry:
cool, I will have to keep my eyes out for them. I have a bunch already, I have been meaning to take pictures of my collection.
Can you post who the manufacturers are of the toys you just showed. That way I can really look up info on them.

Did anyone else get a matchbox Av in the mail from Chevrolet when the truck first came out? I think it was if you were registered on the email list?
Thanks for the info. I'm off to Walmart to add more to the collection. I've only got the 1/24 Jada DUB's version, and the 1/18 Welly so far. I really hope they have that one with the cool extra monster truck suspension >:D