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45 minute Tag at O'Reillys


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Jan 4, 2006
Indianapolis, IN (southside)
On my way home from work this afternoon, saw a dark red or maroon, what ever they call it at O'Reilly's auto parts, had time to pull in, grabbed a brochure went into the the store, one guy at the counter, asked him if he was drivin the AV, yep, we talked in the parking lot for at least 45 minutes, all about moddin, what the general forgot on 03's and 05's, showed him my work in progress, cargo board, seemed quite impressed with the other mods and the info that can be gotten from this site, I'm sure he will sign up, his name was Chuck, in advance, lol  :welcome: to the club Chuck!

ps, my steak and corn on the cob were cold when I got home but I din't care, lol

Didit said:
saw a dark red or maroon, what ever they call it

If it was a 2004, it is sport red.
2005 and after, GM called it sport red metallic.
Same color.  :rolleyes:

Cold dinner is worth it if he joins and comes to a GTG. (y)
Good job Didit.  :cheers:
And what did Lu have to say about you being late? :cool: