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500 H.P. V12 Escalade.  Summer 2003.



According to Truck Trend Magazine its definately coming. 0-60 in 5.9 seconds. $62,500. Whats cool on GM's part is the Escalade will be the first vehicle for this engine. It might also go in the next Seville or Deville.
"The engine could be a technology powerhouse for Cadillac. The concept engine, installed in a black Escalade and shown at a GM Powertrain press event, was outfitted with direct injection, cylinder deactivation and a flywheel starter-alternator. GM has not decided which of these technologies will be used on the production engine."


Here is a GM site that confirms the vehicle's existence - it's a list of vehicles scheduled for scheduled for test drives by GM Global Product Seminar participants (whatever that is).

GM was trying to put a V12 in trucks back in the early 90's but could not get them approved for emissions. It was a SB 350ci with the front 4 cyl cut off and grafted to another 350ci. It made 700hp /700+ in torque and that was with low compresion and a very mild cam. It was being cast by a outfit in Salines California....

I taked with one of the guys doing the testing on it and he said they were having to de-tune the motor because it made so much power no tranies or rear ends would have lasted. But it was never to be....... Would have been Awesome.... Maybe with the new OBD II and better emission control with the newer couputer hardware they can do it this time.... R
Wow...talk about power to boot...by why Cadillac?...why not Chevy or Gmc...to put out this hp monster...I always thought that Cadillac prouded themselves on luxury and appeal.....I would think something like this would show up in a Silverado or even a C3.... :B:
In the pre-emmissions and gas shortage days Caddy's always had the largest displacement engines in GM's fleet.