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$500 Price Increase!


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Mar 3, 2002
I was cruising GmBuyPower.com and was pricing my Avy that I have on order (it's a replacement for a lemon) and noticed that somewhere in the last 3 weeks the MSRP on the Av has jumped $500. This, combined with the $220 jump that happened earlier and that equals
$720. Interestingly, this is the cost of Delivery. So, if you look as the MSRP before shipping it is exactly what it used to be AFTER the delivery charge. Example...MSRP on 2WD Z66 before price increases =
31,800 including delivery. Now, 31,800 + $720 Del.=
$32,520. Wonder if GM did this to confuse the careful shopper or just a coincidence?
I used gmbuypower quite a bit before I bought.
I have three stickers printed up, all with a different 'standard vehicle price'.
The VINs prove that the price has been going up the later the Av was built.