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98MPH Power Drop?  Do I Have A GOV?



Hey guys. I was passing a group of slow cars this morning on the way to work in a lane that was running short and hit about 98MPH and lost all power. I freaked at first but then thought maybe it was a safety feature or something. Anybody know anything about a govenor or anything on your speed?
yes it's a speed limiter...and that's about when it kicks in from 98-100 mph...if you want to go faster than that you have to reprogram your pcm...or find some other way to disable it
The various programmers such as the HPP3 and Superchip will allow you to reprogram the speed limiter up to 128mph.
This is not good.......Not that I drive that fast but what the hell, maybe once I would like to open her up once if the road and conditions dictate on a desert highway stretch or similar. I don't want to mess with the electrical system on this monster so I'll guess 98 is all for me (for now that is!)
Get the ole' Escalade cluster....this way you will get a kick of not only going that fast but seeing it on your speedometer too.... ;D :B:
ya mine got to 96-98 and slowed down from there.

I finally go the HPP3 and reprogram it to 128mph.

I hit 116 and still going last week in a open road. nobody was out just me and the gang.

I don't normally speed that fast in this beast but I tell ya, it handle real well for going that fast.

I am really amaze. I luv my AV.

just my $0.02
GM loves to do this because of the speed rating of the tires!! I had a Camero in the early 90's, and went out one evening in WV an had got it up to about 116 when it did the same thing lost all power! I thought oh great I blew the engine!! The worst thing of all of it was my friend in an Escort GT with a little four banger blew right by me because he did not have a limiter!! I hated GM for placing them on the Vehicle, but on the other side that is why they are not having blow outs and Ford is!

Welcome to BIG BROTHER is watching!!! :B:

Since speed causes crashes, and crashes cause law suits, the GENERAL figures if you still crash with a speed limiter it isn't their fault. :7:

And they have the BLACK BOX in your AV to prove it.

And by the way you're all under arrest!! :8:
zimmsAV said:
Can't say I've gotten to experience this yet...

Maybe I'll have to give it a try...just to make sure mine works >:D

I'd say... In your neck of the woods isn't that the average cruising speed on I-75?
zimmsAV said:
Goode eye SJProwler ;)

Not quite that fast. ?I'd say the average is right around 80mph
?Well see you need to come down to Ga and try the Ga Audubon! ?There is a strech of Ga 400 from 285, to GA 85 that is where you can open up any vehicle, the trick is when you shoot the toll booth at 100 mph!! ?80 mph is slow in this state, 90-95 is when you get ahead of traffic!!

We though do have lasers now to catch people!! ?LOL
I know how you feel it happened to me on the NJ turnpike, I freaked out I thought I was going to have to go and spend time at the dealer but I came to this great Web site and bingo my wories where over
Looooooove this site.
After deleting the "speed-limiter" contact Lidatek for some good Mil-Spec Lasers that are 2X as powerful as the revenuer's rigs(mounts on license plate holders or near each headlight)....then goto Redlineauto to get some "Photo-Radar" plate covers that make your license info illegible at standard photo laser/garage cam/ etc angles yet is perfectly readable from dead on....also helps defend against the "Anti-Destination League" do-gooder self-appointed speed enforcement deputies......
Spf...those photo radar covers you were talking about work...Ive heard of some folks around here running the Ezpass tolls with those suckers....and since those things photo your plate...they may not have to pay another toll again......

Disclaimer: Ok I don't suggest everyone go out and get these in order to avoid paying the highway tolls.... ;D :B:
I had this happen to me and I thought I had a real problem. I slowed down a bit and tried it again. THen I just figured the Generl was up to there old tricks. Now I know what was going on. THanks...
killerx92392 said:
Anyone have the info on how to reprogram the chip and what and where to buy the stuff?
look in this section

and then look for programmers like predator, hypertech, etc etc
first time that happened to me (years ago) i called the dealer from my cel phone, explained the problem and he said "don't drive so fast"