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A/C Problem - getting worse


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Sep 14, 2003
I was having the problem of no cold air ( really warm air) blowing on the passenger side of my 2005 AV with electronic climate controls. Drivers side was colling fine. Read a post that suggersted disconnecting negative terminal for a few minutes which I did. After reconnecting, and starting, cold air blows on both sides after an engine start, but only for 30-45 seconds, and then heated air starts blowing from all vents and stays that way! Bummer! I'm in Texas - it's hot! Help! Thanks.  
you might have to take it to the dealer for a relearn procedure if disconnecting the battery doesn't cure it
I had repeated problems with the A/C blowing hot from the passenger side of my 2005---electronic controls.
After 7 trips to the dealer it was fixed.
The fix??
The door that controls the blending of hot and cold air was sticking.
The fix?
Remove and replace the door and seals.
I also had to get the Chevy area rep involved before the problem was fixed.