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A Couple Of Cool Mods


Full Member
Jul 18, 2002
I have on my AV the courtesy lights underneath the side mirrors I was wondering if these lights can be made to work with the signal lights and hazard lights also has anybody thought of installing a wing type spoiler on the last piece of the 3 piece hard cover. I'M considering this.
any sugestions.
I like the mirror thing right off. The wing thing I would have to see first before I did it. I dont know what it would take to do the mirrors but it is definately beyond me to figure out. Maybe someone will come up with something.
Anything is possible as far as the wing and youd have to make it that you would leave the last panel somewhre when you needed to take it off so I guess going somewhrre and needing the extra room on the ly would be outta the question. I would also think that unless its a lightweight wing we would hae to be concerned about the sagging panel stories. I would wanna see a wing that would fasten towards the end ofthe panel not in the center.
BlackAv2002 said:
I would wanna see a wing that would fasten towards the end ofthe panel not in the center.

OK ... how about a lightweight wing that was removable that mounted between the last panel and the tailgate. That would be interesting but I am happy with my new spoiler right now ;D

I don't know if anyone's interested but I just thought of a way to add flashers to the mirrors pretty easily. You could buy a set of windshield washer led's and attach them to the courtesy light pointing backwards, then hook them up to the turn signals.

I've been thinking about how to add signals to the mirrors for a while without spending a lot of money and may try this.