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A Good Day For Pictures


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Mar 14, 2002
Manassas, VA
I was off today and after washing the truck decided to head to a local park for some pics. I replaced my Z71 decals with some from DecalKing and love the look. it really compliments the flag bowtie without going overboard. DecalKing is offering a discount to members over on the GM_Trucks site and will do the same for us if there's interest. Take a look at www.decalking.com and at www.pbase.com/lazkat/avalanche
Lazkat....I love the way those stickers came out.....really looks good on the indigo blue body of the Av....nice ride!!

I'm wondering f I can get something like for my Summit White AV....keeping the original color of grey but throwing some red in there like my trailer hitch cover....Hmmmm
Very Nice. Now I know how to make my 4x4 a Z71
I specifically asked to have the white outline and the words 'Off Road' in white to stand out more against the blue. ?You could get it outlined in red with red words to set it off from the white background. ?Brent at DecalKing was very accomodating and helpful. ?There are also similar ones with a heavy black outline that would look good on white. ?Be sure to specify how big you want them as these (with the black outline) are listed as a different size than the ones I got. ?Mine are bigger than the originals I removed but I think it looks good.
Lazcat, those decals are super, very nice (y)

MrBill, you can get 4x4 ones like that, and even 8100 ones.
Hey LazKat,

I just order the GoRhino hitch step today in stainless steel. How do you like yours? I figured that this would be a good investment since we sit pretty high up. Better the hitch step than the plastic bumper.

Got a good deal at a local shop - $117 plus tax! (including AAA discount of 10%). Another place I visited was trying to sell it to me for $164.90.
I have a 2500 Summit White...I think I am going to remove the 4X4 decals from both sides. I'll be a 4x4 in disguise... I removed all the decals on Chev Monte Carlo (2001) looks great with outh the Red SS decals all over the place..

Getting the decals off was easier than I thought. ?A hairdryer on high for a few moments softened them up enough to peel right off in one piece. ?My truck was just built so maybe they were still 'fresh' and extra easy to take off. ?A local body shop suggested a heat gun but warned me to be careful not to damage the clearcoat.

On the Rhino bar, I paid $89 but as you can see mine is black. ?Rhino wants $160 for the stainless so it sounds like you got a bargain. ?You'll pay tax but no shipping - it's usually a wash on that part of online shopping. ?I like the extra protection on the back side. ?Mine fits well with no rattles and looks good back there. ?If someone rear-ends me, better the bar get tapped than my bumper. ?Likewise if I back into something (I'm still getting used to the length of this thing!) ?I'll eventually add a Waag read bumper guard and a frontrunner but the Rhino bar is great and I'll keep it also.