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A New Model Is Coming From GM...


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Aug 11, 2002
General Motors Plans New GM Credits Cards :0:

General Motors Corp.is putting some new muscle behind the GM Card in an effort to broaden its appeal. John Smith, GM group vice president, North America vehicle sales, service and marketing, said Thursday the GM Cards will be offered to small business owners. In addition, GM also plans to offer an updated version of the card to the company's employees, dealers, retirees and qualified suppliers. "With the introduction of these new products, and the support of our bank partners, GM is looking forward to extending the fundamental value proposition of The GM Card - to save toward the purchase of 'gotta-have' GM products - to millions of consumers, small business owners and GM family members throughout the country," Smith said.

Since it was introduced in 1992, The GM Card has helped sell four million GM vehicles, GM officials noted. Jack Bowen, general director of GM Card, said the decision to offer a card specifically aimed at small businesses grew out of GM's experience with its own fleet customers. Small businesses using the GM credit card under the new service will be able to save money towards GM vehicles, Bowen said.

"If you spend $50,000 a month on GM card, you will qualify for one new, $30,000 vehicle every five years," said Bowen, who added that GM won't cap the savings under the program. The target market, however, extends beyond GM's fleet customers to all small businesses, he said. GM also will now offer the GM Extended Family Card to employees, retirees, dealers and qualified suppliers. The new extended family card will allow owners to combine unlimited 1 percent earnings with GM's New Vehicle Purchase Program discounts and use them toward the purchase or lease of a new GM vehicle. In the past, GM had placed restrictions on the use of the rebates from GM Card and employee discounts in the same transaction, Bowen said.
I've never let the earnings buid long enough to be big, but it's paid more than TTL on my last 4 trucks. And "The General" had bumped it up to $2003 when I bought the Av. Yep, use my GM Card a lot. DON'T pay interest on it though, that defeats the purpose.
it not worth it unless you can pay it off every month .... interest rate is is around 16% .... you can get a Capital One "No Hassle" card for 9% ....

earning 1% is not very much .....
True, 1% isn't much. ?But over time it does add up. ?I had over $2000 on the GM Card to put down on my Av. ?I couldn't have bought the Av without it. ? >:D

I also pay off the GM Card every month.
I'm not sure about a couple things, so maybe somebody can help me out, but GM is still advertising 5% on all purchases. I didn't see any mention of 1%. Or is this a future rate? Also, I read in another thread something that sounded like after August 1st, GM will not allow the card earnings to be used in conjuction with their current incentive rebate. :8: Is this really the case?
I believe you are right about the 5%. That would be a bummer if they wouldn't allow to the use of the GM Card savings with incentives. For me, I had the $3000 in the form of incentives and $2000 from the GM Card. Only allowing one or the other in my mind would defeat the purpose of using the GM Card.
It's my understanding there are 2 cards. The older card gave the higher 5% return and is being phased out (my wife had this one), I think there's now a cap or something. The new card I think has the 1% return and may not have a cap.
At least that's what I recall.
If so that's just another benefit that sounds good on paper but really only benefits the rich and business owners. How many people do you know who spend anywhere near $50,000/month on their card like mentioned above?
Actually Earthquake is right, however for the owners of the older cards you are allowed to keep them or get the newer one.

I opted to keep the old one.
You might want to check out the Driver's Edge Card from Citi Cards.


The Driver's Edge Card allows you to get 2% of your pruchases to use towards any foreign or domestic, new or used car, you purchase or lease from a manufacturer's authorized dealer or private sales in the U.S. Also, you can to apply your rebates toward any service, repair, or maintenance performed on your vehicle. The max rebate is $2,500

When I bought my Avalanche I used my earnings on my GM card and the Drivers Edge card! As most of you know, you redeem your GM card rebates at the dealer at the time of purchase. All you have to do for the Citi Card is fill out a form with your vehicle information and a dealer receipt and send it in. Then Citi sends you a check in the mail. The Drivers Edge Card is much better than the new GM card!