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A Twin-Turbo TrailBlazer? Yep

I remember seeing the article.....I hope that it makes its way to production....is the world ready for a twin turbo Suv?....I think so.... :B:
I bet they'll come out with some sort of Trailblazer SS package by 2004. The General has never been very quick at getting these high performance packages out to the market (ie. Silverado SS)
I think with the new image GM is trying achieve, high performance vehicles will not be so unimaginable...good for us...bad for competitors... :B:
I thinkin the most we will in terms of the Av will be some dealer offered performance packages...kinda like what Cadillac is offering now on it's models.....good thing is it won't void your warranty and is covered..... :B:
I think it's rather telling that the smaller, lighter Trailblazer with the 4.2L gets the same 4L60E tranny as the much heavier Av 1500, and it still needs to have the tranny beefed up for this application.
This is real sweet. Ya see, the Trailblazer was high on the list when we purchased the Av. The Av's flexibility, size, and good price when compared to the Trailblazer swayed us towards the Av, and now, there's no way I'd ever go back. But the T/B is a sweet truck - and with this option, one that ought to bury more than just the Explorer!
My wife was dying for a Trailblazer...when she found out I wanted the Av...she became a little upset....but a twin turboed Trailblazer would sway me...but not enough to give up my Avalanche...after all...throw the blower on the Av and be done with it.... :B: