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A week ago today I was.....

Eating breakfast in the hotel lobby, getting ready to head to the speedway.  :love:  Way better than sitting at my desk waiting for the phone to ring  :E:
Right around this time I was trying to stay awake after being up till 3:00 am
Yeah, it was a controlled race...

Disclaimer - I am by no means poking fun at the experience as it was a once in a lifetime event that I will remember forever!
wonder who actually had the highest speed on there... I know whoever was in front of me and behind me went well over the desired limit.. :love:
I know I was up to 70 at one point and they were still pulling away from me.  But I would have to think that the pace car was gettin up there some too.  Maybe they saw that we were complying to their rules and thought they would  cut us a little slack...

Thanks to all for doing as they asked, I'm sure they'll not have to think too hard to allow us to come back.  I would guess.
Kicking my self for listening to fox about the track event being canceled due to rain and recovering from a crazy awesome night.
I will not speed............I will not speed. I kept repeating that over and over :p But what a temptation >:D

And they were worried about Bob :laugh: