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afe intake?


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Jun 1, 2006
So Cal
Has anybody heard of this intake? I was originally going to have the K&N installed, but during the install, they said it would not clear the fan. They threw the afe in and I hadn't heard of them at all in any of my research. I just want to know if I got completely ripped off and should ask for a change.
joeami said:
Has anybody heard of this intake? I was originally going to have the K&N installed, but during the install, they said it would not clear the fan. They threw the afe in and I hadn't heard of them at all in any of my research. I just want to know if I got completely ripped off and should ask for a change.

The owner of my local Pickup Planet prefers AFE over K&N and the others.  He runs them in his 1500HD, and his daughter's Tahoe and has nothing but good things to say about them.
Rogue Blk Avalanche said:
i'm not sure how these filters perform in our trucks but my dad and brother both have them in their scions...here is the link to AFE's website...

http://www.afefilters.com give them a look and let me know how you like your filter...i'm torn between the AFE and the Volant filters...
I won't be able to really give a good update for a while. I also had the gears swapped out and am not able to put too much stress on them. Once I hit the thousand mile mark and get the superchip reprogrammed, I'll let you know how things are going. Its a good thing to not see a post that says that intake completely sucks.
we sell k&n, afe, voliant, pretty much get all of them.  More people seem to lobve the afe due to the dry oil vs the wet oil from k&n.
well, just as an update, I must say I really do like the sound this thing makes. It usually comes out when I'm in the 2500-3000 rpm range. But it's a really deep roar that really makes me smile. Performance wise, I can definitely feel some kind of new power, but that could be a combination of intake, power programmer and gears.
I sell the AFE kits and have 1 in my 2500. Afe is hands down the best kit out there. Volant, Air raid, and most others use their filters in their boxes and kits.
Ive had an afe intake prettymuch the whole life of my truck and i love it, i got two filters that i swap out to clean regularly, my neighbors can hear the sound of the deep roar of my intke over my exhaust and they love it too , so my repot on the afe is AWESOME
I just ordered the Stage 2 kit today from 4Wheel Parts.  Plan to install it this weekend.  I'll let you know how she goes.
O.K. finally got this install done, with some minor complications.  First of all, I am no mechanic by any means but I managed to pull this off, with a little consultation from a couple people.

AFE package had all the necessary parts, and they look to be of high quality.

I first unpacked the box to confirm everything that was supposed to be there indeed was...Check

Then, I tried to "preassemble" certain things, like the rubber connector hose to each end of the air tube, and install the coupling onto the air box.  This proved to be easy enough, except for the fact that the clamps supplied to connect the hoses to either end of the air tube were too small to allow for expansion over the air tube.  I ended up having to get one size larger air O'Reilly Auto Parts for a little over $7.  Problem solved.

Then as I popped to hood to follow the "easy" step by step instructions, complete with pictures, I notice a couple departures between what is pictured and what is under the hood of my 2007 Avalanche Z71 Flex Fuel 5.3L engine.  Two primary differences, the pictorial does not show the two support arms that come off the back of the factory air tube and connect to a stud on the engine block (under the engine cover).  After confirming with 4Wheel Parts, I see this as no big deal.

The other issue was that my factory air tube had a secondary reservior of some sort coming out toward the front of the truck, opposite to where the air tube connects to the throttle.  This wasn't in any picture in the instructions, or any other factory engine pictures I could locate on the internet.  After again consulting with 4 Wheel Parts (and TByrne - a big thanks), I came to the conclusion it was likely a resonator box or sound reducer or something similar, and unneccesary.

So today, I proceeded with the install.

Took all the factory parts off (fairly simple once you cut or disconnect the hose hanger from the factory air tube).

Everything else went in just fine, with only one minor exception.  The AFE airbox bolts into three of the four factory mounting holes with the factory bolts.  Trouble is/was, only two of the three holes lined up.  Hence, I had to drill the third hole to match up with the bolt hole.  No big deal, but I would think that it should have been correct to begin with.

Anyways, everything else went together as described.  The two outermost screws that hold the AFE plate onto the airbox are a PITA as they don't allow for hardly any clearance.  Since they were hex screws, I simply used an allen wrench to tighten them down.

Also, the breather hose coming off the middle of the AFE air tube connects into the engine via the factory connection.

I drove the truck around the block and believe I can notice a difference in the sound (although I must admit that I turned the radio off and rolled down the windows, which I do not normally do.  I'll see how the throttle response and/or MPG is affected.

Next will be the Corsa sport exhaust that is supposed to come via UPS on Wednesday.
Are you guys talking about the Stage 2 CX Air Intake System?  Is just under $300 a good price?  I am looking into getting a CAI intake system and it seems like this brand is highly recommended...
I just changed mine out to thier pro dry filter no more oil you just wash it and let it dry it's synthetic filter. Solved the problem I was having with throwing the mass air code on hard pulls. the part number for the stage 2 kit is 51-10092 for the pro dry and 54-10092 for the standard oiled filter. I have been recomending the pro dry to everyone.