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Air Bag Light Wont Go Off!!!



Anyone having problems with their SRS? I just bought my Avalanche 9 days ago. I have taken it in for service 3 times. One time for all day service the next time overnight, and it is NOW in the shop again and they are telling me at LEAST one more overnight. They cannot find what is wrong with it. They keep saying "loose" connections- they get the light off and I pick it up and it comes back on 15 minutes later. They have put more than 200 miles of test driving on it and it only has 800 miles total. I am to the point Chevy needs to do a buyback. Opinions are welcomed.

PS - I forgot to mention the last time I got it back it had a nice big DING in the right quarter panel and a paint chip missing the size of a pencil eraser.
I would try a different dealer. Especially with a safety issue like yours.
IMO, it's something more than a simple loose connector. The connectors in the SRS have 'pins' in them to prevent them from coming loose. Indeed if they are disconnected, the light will come on, but they don't just fall apart.

I agree - go elsewhere - but be sure to get the chip repaired TO YOUR LIKING. That would make me VERY grumpy!
When I recently had the BigBlue in for the JL Stealthbox install I had the same problem. We found out that if one of the seats is disconnected, then the ignition is turned on, it can't check the status of the seat airbag and throws the light on. After I had my service dept reset it, it came back on, so we disconnected the battery, checked all the connectors (just to be sure). Left it sit for about 15 minutes, reconnected the battery and all was well. Don't know if this'll help, but I know that our service dept is pretty good about catching this stuff. (Clearwater, FL)
I forgot to put in my initial posts I have gone through 3 different dealers so far.