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Air Option I Didn't Order



It got down to a whole 50 degrees here in Cali (I know I know), and i noticed i have a rush of outside air (cold) coming from hole that door handle comes out. There is a bit of air coming from down by speaker too!!!! Anyone....anyone....?
My 2000 Silverado has done it from the first winter. I think the air is coming up from the drain holes in the bottom of the door.
Just a guess, but it sounds like the "rain paper" is missing from under the door panel. :B:
This has been mentioned before...try a search for cold air and door handles.....there was some info on owner fixes in them threads.....

I had this problem last winter. I took the AV to the dealer and they told me the problem was normal in the trucks. They also put some black foam rubber around my handles and switches and that fixed the problem. Take it to the dealer because they can fix it.