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Aircraft Landing Lights: Behind Av Grill



got change has had a few inquires, about mounting lights behind the avs grill

This ones for you, corvette joe!!

i pulled out the grill,( get new clips first, you will need em) and mounted a set of 200,000candle power 13 volt aircraft lights, i got from grainger.

the light buckets are a napa catalog part.

the lights mount sideways, and just miss the radiator, and grill.

use with discretion, they are not legal for on road use!!!!

couple pix, now, first lights behind grill


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remember, with any large amp draw, you need a continous duty solenoid, to handle the amps.

you can use a relay too, c.d. solenoid is real ez though

mine mounted ez, under the fender brace, getting power from the alternator feed box


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got change, hid the lighted toggle switch tucked back in by the power outlets, on the top of the console


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Got_change, curious to know the wattage of those lamps or more significantly, the amps they draw. That is a sharp installation. I would imagine that looks pretty good at night when you're on a back road...

Looks great! A friend of mine used to have a pair on a CJ-7 a few years ago. How bright are they in comparison to KC's or other off-road lights?




when got change, flips the switch, it'll light up a roadsign, for over a mile. i dont try to blind anyone, and use them when nobods coming the other way. Especially cops!!!!

if you notice, i also have a set off lazer star dune buggy billet lights, mounted inside the lower a frame. but thats another post........street sweeper lights

with 2-200,000 aircraft, and 2, 191,000 candle power lazer stars, thats uhhh 781,000 candle power, lighting the way.

remember, use a relay, or solenoid, and 10 gauge wire, on the output side, and at the right time, and in the right place LIGHT EM UP!!!

got change


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On , got change, the bulbs are each 100 watts. divide, by 12 volts equals about 8.3 amps per bulbx 4 = 33 amp total draw.

the thing I like about aircraft bulbs, is the light pattern, kinda like a cat eye, a narrow, and tall beam, kinda lights the whole world!!!

no problems with heat, but you can feel it, had this setup for almost a year now and no problems.

kcs are probably just as bright, the trick is the napa light buckets, are flat on the back and just make it in their behind the grill!!!!
Nice job got_change (y). I've been planning some thing like this since I got my Av. Your info on what lights to use just saved me the search trouble :0:. Glad to hear that the heat is not a problem. I had similar light on a Jeep in 78 and I know those lights put off some heat and was worried about putting lights behind the plastic grill.

They will be a good addition to the 4 head light mod I've recently installed.

Never enough light at night!
Did anyone do this mod? and if so what are the part #'s on the lights from Granger and the Buckets for NAPA. I Need 4 of these in the grill and would like to do this before winter.
Just so you know, this thread was last replied to back in 11/02. But I do remember that I was looking into doing this, If I can find my PMs from that time, I'll get back to you tomorrow. I think I got the part numbers.

Well, I looked through my PMs and could not find them, I figured out that back in late 03 or possibly 04, the site was being updated and you were only allowed to have 400 or so pms, so, when I went over the limit, my old PMs were automatically deleted.

I figuered that is was worth a try before I got that itch to just tear into it and getr done! I am looking at different types of lights and sizes so the do not interfere with the 2 100w speakers that are/ were/ going back in there.
After reading this thread I got to thinking... I had a 1971 Opel Rallye/Manta that I put these lights on. Went scrounging in the basement and found them! 2 General Electric aircraft landing bulbs mounted in Dietz snowplow light housings. Made some brackets and rivited them to something behind the Av grill. They look very much like the pic up above, but a little closer to the center, (2'') Not wired up yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they still work. They are 33 years old! I've been stumbleing around the pic practice thread, so pics are a possibility. lol.? Cyrus
I did it on my Toyota Supra in the 80's with a pair of large diameter 100 watt lights. We used a golf cart solenoid (looks just like the ford starter solenoid, only rated for constant-on duty). I had them on a rack mount that slid into pins through and behind the grille. The pins were both the mount and the power source. When I got off of the highway, I would pull the pins and throw the light pack in the trunk.

I used to drive on Hwy 36 near here which parallels a pair of railroad tracks. I would turn them on and occasionally freak out the parked trains from a couple of miles back. They would turn on their beacons and headlights and flash at me. The other fun thing was to light up the country club guard shack at night from about 1/2 mile back. They claimed they couldn't see out the windows when I would do it.

I still have the lights up in my island of misfit toys waiting for a new home...

Here's a picture of the lights, next to the Tonka Truck with the 25 cal cannon on the hood.



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MCO Avalanche said:
I think I need sunscreen  >:D

Ya, i took the picture when i got home from work that morning with my cell phone so the quality isn't that good.  But o well, you get the picture................ya the pun was intended.