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All In The Family



Well for 2 weeks I was the coolest uncle a nephew could have because I owned an Av. Now I'm no cooler than his dad because he just bought the same thing, same color (Indigo Blue) Z66. I understand the nephew has been thru the change constantly all weekend. He could pay for college if he was getting 'change for a dollar.'

Now we're a 2 Av family. If only I oculd have talked my sister into an Av instead of the Honda SUV she just bought we could have made an Av commercial.

I've sent the brother-in-law here, hopefully he'll join.

Any other multi-owners?

I had my Black Z71 for about three months when My Brother-In-Law pulled up with a red one.

We want to know if we can have them keyed the same? Seems as though one is always in the way at the parent's house on the weeknds!
That's great Fred..keep em coming..Av's are like potatoe chips...you can't have just one!!! ;D
Well this sought of fits. My girlfriend told me that I am not a truck person. She absolutely hates the Avy and wouldn't buy it if it was the last vehicle on Earth. SHould I dump her? :cautious:

Naaaa, I think I'll keep her despite her horrible taste in automobiles. She drives a VW Cabrio Convert.
Just last week my mother wanted to know why I had to go out and buy such a "big crazy" vehicle. Then my brother told me that if I ever wanted to sell it, he'd buy it on the spot!
I guarantee you that my parents wil buy at least one Avalanche when their time comes to buy a new car. My Mom is going to trade in her Impalla when she is ready and my Dad is seriously thinking about trading his Silverado in on an AV. They both just fell in love with mine.
Tyler TX