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Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tag


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Aug 9, 2007
Athens, GA
State of Georgia has an "Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tag" and it looks like the flex fuel Avalanche qualifies. I've read that the cost is $50, but the DMV website shows it is $20.

The only advantage I see is that "A federal transportation law, called SAFETEA-LU, enacted in August 2005 gave states the authority to allow vehicles that meet certain criteria for low emissions and high energy efficiency to use HOV lanes with a single occupant if such use would not degrade the performance of the HOV lanes."

So it appears that an Avalanche with an AFV tag can use the Atlanta HOV lanes with a single occupant.

Has anyone got the tag or looked into this?

Here a couple of website links:

On a side note, while I can see where they would do this to encourage AFVs, it seems rather against the spirit of the thing to allow vehicles like the AV. Primarily because (1) the AV isn't that fuel efficient (may be best in "class", but come on!), (2) E85 is hard to find and not widely available, and (3) I think the price of E85 currently does not make it an economic choice.

And it's a strange twist that hybrid vehicles at first could not get the AFV tag, but now can - but, still can't use the HOV lanes with a single person. Georgia has passed a law saying they can, but have to wait for the federal law to change. Yeah, hybrid's aren't considered 'alternative fuel' vehicles but considering the better mileage....

Thats interesting reading emt.  I'm in Texas and they haven't done anything like that yet but I'm sure it's coming.  True statement, E85 is hard to find. Only places that sell it here are Kroger grocery stores and only a few of them have fuel pumps.
My friend in Calif. has a hybrid.  Single person in hybrids have been using the HOV lane over a year now, he says.  He didn't say anything about  AFV rules.