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AMBER DRL's  What Happened?


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Aug 28, 2002
Dallas, TX
I finally had the time to put in my AMber DRL's. I went under the truck took the ol' ones out and put the AMber ones in.

Turned on the truck, and NOTHING!!!! What the #@&* I took them out and put the old ones back in...they don't work either. What di I do. I checked the fuses...all the lights were new. Please help

Did you have someone check them when you put it in drive ???
Did you release the parking brake and put it out of park?? I forget how they come one...I've got the Full time DRL mod.
I did not put it in drive to check because rthe manual says they will be on while in park, and to turn them off put the parking break on. I'll try it out.

Justthrowit, ?They will only be on when the truck is in drive. ? ?

I had exactly the same experience. Then I read the manual! DRL's are OFF in PARK. I called myself several very rude names... :eek:
Gues you can do the same for yourself.. :rolleyes:
Have you ever actually seen your DRLs on from outside your car? The truck can't be in"park". Try taking off the emergency brake, put the truck in neutral, then put the emergency brake back on, then take a look. Also, it can't be too shady out or you'll be looking at your headlights. If this doesn't work, someone to get in your truck and put it in gear so you can check out the front. I hope this works.

i put it in neutral and wedged a block of wood between the brake and seat.......pretty dangerous if you are on a hill
Had the same issue with mine, thought something was messed up and went back to pep boys. When I was driving up I saw my trucks reflection in their windows and they were working fine. Boy am I glad I saw that otherwise I would have been even more embarassed. :2:
Yep, they only work when you are driving the vehicle. I check mine by pulling into a parking spot in front of a store window. Perfect mirror. I installed mine in a parking lot with concreet parking blocks so all I did is snug it up against a block and got out and looked.
same thing! Did not realize at first so I had to drive up to a window. For a frontal view I had my wife get in the truck and hold the break while I looked.

O.K...they Work. I can swear that I've seen my regular DRL's on while in park!!!!!! I guess I have'nt. Maybe I've seen them in reflections. Anyway...thats how I saw my Amber DRL's this morning, and I like em a lot!!!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has done this. Thanks Guys!!!!!
Same thing happened to me!!! Put in the amber lamps...went to take a look and nothing! Finnaly saw them in the reflection of a Suburban that was in front of me at a stop light. Man did i feel silly :rolleyes:....ya just learn something new everyday. ;)
Any night go to any strip center where the stores have huge glass windows and you can back up and check all lights then head straight in and check the entire front and never get out of the AV- just don't pull up and put the AV in park or you defeat the entire process. Those reflective windos are free and you do not need any 3rd party helper.
another way to see them is to cover the auto headlight sensor on the dash, go outside, and push unlock on the key fob. The DRLs should come on then. I thought my truck was possessed as sometimes they'd come on when unlocking and sometimes they wouldn't. Took me about a week to put 2 and 2 together and realize they'd come on when I had windshield shades in covering the sensor! Duh :cautious: