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Amber DRL's On Avalanche Advertisement


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Nov 14, 2002
Columbia South Carolina
Looks like our amber drl's idea has reached the big wigs at Chevy, I have the new issue of Truckin Magazine, (March 2003) and on the back cover page they have the Avalanche, and guess what?? IT HAS AMBER DRL'S ;D :love: >:D
The ad also says "Evil Twin Included" >:D >:D, Guess they have seen some of our post.
:0: Hey you think maybe amber drl's will become an option or standard on future models?? >:D >:D Hey Chief you might want to see if we can get some kudo's for our idea, and maybe a plug for the club. ;D ;D

Big Dog
This site has done enough for sales and given the designers enough ideas that they should make a nice sizeable donation to the site! I would be willing to bet that they check the site on a regular bases for ideas, and to nip troubles in design in the butt. Come on :B: get it up!
Realistically, Chevy should fund this site in its entirety. Just think of all the members here who were convinced of buying the Av based on info and encouragement from others on the site. I bet the number of Av sales via CAFCNA numbers in the hundreds. Come on Chevy, start putting your money where your cladding is.
If nothing else, it validates us as a group and it proves what we are doing is being given the nod by the General. Copying is after-all the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Hey...maybe we could get a Chevy Big-wig to write us up a recommendation letter or something that we can use in conjuction with brochures and for ammo when approaching dealers for support.

Eh Chief...maybe you can work something like that out?

Actually, this would not be the first time Chevy has used amber lights in an Av promotional piece. ?

In the 2002 Av brochure there is a photo (on page 034) of a Pewter Av with Olympic decals that seems to display amber DRLs.
The Eveil Twin Included add is also on the back of the PopSci mag. Just saw it today! I thought those were ambers!

Mrs Bubba :B:
I once remember seing a commercial of an Av with Amber DRL's and I was like "wait a minute I didn't know you can get Amber DRL's as an option"