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Ambers 3 times over the weekend in AL


Full Member
Jul 6, 2004
Huntsville, AL
So who was it?? Saw 2 Av's with ambers on I-20 Friday morning between 9 and 10, one was a black Av, the other was red. Saw a white one on Hwy 72 east yesterday around 2ish.. Not sure who any of you were, but? :wave:
not mine, unless they got it fixed and took it for a really long joy ride.
Maybe your clock is wrong.? I was on I-20 around 6-7pm Friday night and back into town Sunday evening around 4, but that was the west side of 72.

Oh, yeah I was haulling a uhaul trailer, guess it wasnt me since you didnt mention that.

I saw a black cladded AV two Fridays ago on Sparkman in front of UAH.? It did a U-turn just south of 72.? It only had one small sticker on the back window, so I know it wasnt bandt0913 or quiteman.