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Ambers Spotted - I-90 Westbound


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Jul 18, 2002
Cooperstown, New York
I was travelling on I-90 today between exit B2 and exit B1 around 8pm and I came up on a post 02 model yr black AV couldn't see that state of the plate, but the plate read "NROM". I figured it was just another AV on the road, because I see a bunch but never any ambers, anyways I passed by and what do I see in my rearview, AMBERS! I couldn't believe it. I wasn't in my AV so I couldn't use that to signify being a club member. So I rifled through my glovebox, and luckily I had a club sticker. I put it up against my window and drove up slowly next to him and once he saw it, he smiled and gave me a nod, I'm guessing understanding that I was a club member. I hope that he'll post up here so I can find out who he is.

Well James... it was not me... at least not yet.

I will be passing through the area (Wednesday 7/11 to Sunday 7/15) on my trek to Niagara Falls, Toronto, Amhearst, Geneseo, and Batavia.

I will keep a lookout for ya during my travels.

We hope to be hitting Duffs in Amhearst, NY on Friday night (7pm-ish?) for some wings.

Give me a call if you might want to join us. (Nats, Mr Bill, myself)