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Amelia Island info


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Sep 23, 2002
Bradenton, FL
Thinking of setting my NY relatives up with a place there in July, instead of Myrtle Beach this year.  2 weeks, starting the weekend after July 4th.  Anybody have any experiences/reccommendations?
I thought I would give you a bump. I have heard good things about the bed and breakfast and that area, though I do not have any personal experince.

Found this link.

might want to contact Sourmash... he lives in the area. I know the Ritz Carlton is spectacular but with that comes the spectacular price :p
Looking more for a condo for a 2 week rental.  I spent some time looking at a few yesterday while getting tires swapped.  Definitely nicer prices than Myrtle Beach.
Yup, there are lots of 1 wk / 2 wk condo rentals along or near the beach. Some of the Victorian B&Bs are great as well, but not usually that near to the beach. We've had relatives stay at several of them (condos and B&Bs) in the past, and haven't seen a bad one yet. If you want me to do some checking, I will.